SPACE + TIME We love creative technical projects that enable new forms of user interfaces, experiences and interactions. Our projects range from museum exhibits to interactive installations for experience centers and events. We apply our skills from computer science, interaction design, electronics, prototyping, sensing and display, to develop and implement installation concepts through well-crafted software and hardware.
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Universal Signage: Accessible information for every visitor
Museum of National Science and Technology, Stockholm With Glittermek, Fula Fisken, Albert France-Lanord (A)rchitects
An accessible signage system that leverages digital displays and RFID/NFC cards to allow personalization and customization of information to each visitor's unique needs. Supported by The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority, the system has been developed in close collaboration with reference groups and accessibility experts, to ensure its usability independent of individual abilities or impairments.

MegaMind Science Center: Winning Proposal
Museum of National Science and Technology, Stockholm With Albert France-Lanord (A)rchitects
The design, interactivity, installations and architecture for a new, futuristic Science Center for the National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm. Together with Albert France-Lanord (A)rchitects, we won the design competition for a building with interactivity and technology to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers, on the theme 'The Creative Brain'.

Exhibit Surface: 20-finger Multi-touch + Personalization (RFID/NFC)
Museum of Naval History, Stockholm With Glittermek
Our custom-designed multi-touch surfaces allow detailed exploration of 40 ships in the exhibition and associated documents (photographs, drawings, log books, history). Visitors drag-and-drop items of interest to a special exhibition card. After the visit, they enter the card's number on the museum's website to retrieve a list of all stored items. This enables more detailed exploration of the museum collection when they return home or to the classroom.

Expressive Weather: Robotic Signage with Crowd-sourced Content
Storgatan/Garvaregatan, Södertälje With Glittermek
Large-scale LED-arrow that moves mechanically up or down on a facade based on the current temperature, such that it points to the digits on the scale around the corner. 350 weather expressions were collected from locals and are displayed on the embedded LED screen based on the current weather and season.

3D Basketball: Depth Capture and Visualization
Carmelo Anthony's Private Gym, New York With Wearable Experiments
Depth-camera footage of basketball play and exploration of visualization and rendering techniques.

Feature detection and pattern recognition for transparent materials
Absolut With Great Works
Glass bottles have transparent properties that make them very challenging for identification through computer vision. Our solution used a heterogenous set of cameras from multiple angles to collect a rich set of features using multiple RGB, infrared, and time-of-flight cameras.

Hybrid Surface: Object Tracking + Seamless Photo Transfer
Ericsson HQ, Stockholm / Mobile World Congress, Barcelona / Volvo Ocean Race / World Cup, Cape Town
Interactive surfaces that sense and track objects to display related media. The surfaces also allow seamless integration with mobile devices and enable users to "spill" a photo from their phone onto the surface, where touch gestures can be used for intuitive zoom and manipulation. The Hybrid Surface has been showcased at numerous exhibitions in Europe, North America and in Asia, and even participated in the Volvo Ocean Race and the World Cup in South Africa. It is permanently installed at Ericsson Studio, an interactive experience center.

56 Segments: Countdown Timer for Diesel
Diesel Flagship Store, Stockholm With Fieldwork
A large, digital countdown timer, using ultrabright LEDs and custom effects, for a special countdown to the opening of Diesel's flagship store in central Stockholm.

Vasa 3D: Interaction with 400 Year-old Sculptures
The Vasa Museum, Stockholm
The Vasa museum has a unique collection of sculputures and uses modern 3D scanning as a new method for preservation. Our application enables detailed 3D exploration and interaction with these sculptures over the web.

Rockheim: 3D Instrument and Music Tracking
Rockheim, Trondheim With Parallel World Labs
Using motion capture, audio sensing and MIDI control, we enabled real-time avatar control and performance analysis for an advanced "Guitar Hero"-inspired exhibit at the Rockheim experience center.

Human Recombinator: Remixing Human Bodies
Luna Shopping Mall, Södertälje With Glittermek and Fula Fisken
As part of a local initiative to increase interactive experiences in public spaces, we were commissioned to develop a large-format slot-machine, where visitors could "remix" their fellow inhabitants. 1000 locals were photographed and split into three parts (head, torso, legs). When visitors pull the large lever, the three screens start spinning the body parts and recombine them into unique and amusing mixes. From time to time, certain "special" combinations trigger a printout of a little prize.

3D Tic-Tac-Toe: Light and Gaming in Public Spaces
Tom Tits Experiment, Science Center, Södertälje With Gouiedo AB
For a children's science experience center, we developed a 3D tic-tac-toe game in the form of a physical 3D light structure with 64 colored spheres. Players take turns in placing their move using video game controllers. The first player to place 4 dots along any of the 3D diagonals wins. The 3D structure is suspended in the ceiling, such that it also serves as a light sculpture when not in use.

Statistics in HD: Real-time Display of Network Data
Ericsson Site City, Stockholm With Gouiedo AB
High-definition displays of mobile network statistics provides context for discussions of Ericsson's worldwide impact on mobile infrastructure and consumer behaviour to Ericsson Site City visitors.

Multiplex: Synchronized Mobile Visuals
Ericsson HQ, Stockholm With Gouiedo AB
Multiple synchronized mobile devices are used to create a high-resolution display, which can display larger images or video.

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